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There are many types of spiritual awakening and each is valuable especially since these awakenings help man in his journey towards self-discovery and exhaust his potentials to be the best good version of himself. Though spiritual awakening sounds like it only applies to those who believe in the mystical arts, spiritual awakening is a natural evolutionary trait of our soul and indeed happens to all of us but only those who wholeheartedly pursue the path towards self-discovery achieve spiritual awakening, and not even everyone completes the process to achieve enlightenment. The different types of spiritual awakening or steps or stages to enlightenment include the following:

Awakening of Spiritual Energy

The awakening of spiritual energy is like opening a door and feeling a gust of wind creep through your whole body and then you suddenly feel more awake and aware of your surroundings. A bolt of energy enters your body, and it stays there to open new doors which makes the energy in your body circulate more freely from head to toe. As the practice of Tai Chi or Hatha Yoga, the awakening of spiritual energy is food for the body, the mind and the soul.

Awakening of the Mind

With new energy coursing through your whole system, the awakening of the mind follows. This awakening feels like finding the missing piece to a million-piece jigsaw puzzle that you have been working on since childhood. Just like completing this complicated puzzle, you can now see the bigger picture and can step back and disengage to understand what this whole photo entails. The awakening of the mind makes one more aware of what is happening in your surroundings and more mindful of things that are happening in the world.

Awakening of a New Personality

A new-found understanding of the world comes causes an awakening of a new personality. Now that you are more aware and understanding of what is around, there is now a need to focus on yourself and search deep to find a stronger and more personal connection within. Once you find this connection that makes you feel more integrated with yourself and more whole, you will then realise a new sense or a new purpose in life.

Awakening the Soul

Since our soul is alive and is in the constant journey to refine itself in every life we live, the awakening of the soul is an expansion of ‘knowledge, presence and energy’ to help man transcend every aspect that limits him in this earthly plane. The awakening of the soul is a step towards the awakening of consciousness. You start to build a connection to the cosmos and to the higher beings as you prepare yourself to receive and embody the mysteries of the universe.

Awakening of Consciousness

Awakening of consciousness is also referred to as Mystical Awakening since it opens the mind to the mysteries of the universe which is beyond ordinary human perception and can only be attained through constant refining of the self to achieve enlightenment which is the highest form man can and should strive to be.

Originally published at https://psychictruth.co.uk on November 4, 2020.

Though spiritual awakening and the path to enlightenment is a personal journey, there is no harm in seeking guidance, especially from awakened individuals. Psychics and other individuals who have attained spiritual awakening can help another with their journey by pointing them to a path that can open their consciousness and further their resolve to achieve a personal spiritual awakening. Through practices such as Guided Meditation and Creative Visualisation, Psychics and other awakened individuals can help other people find, understand and cope with the process of spiritual awakening.

If you need guidance in your journey through a spiritual awakening, phone us on 01223 800 616 today.



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